Jess Larsen: “Institutional demand for [niche and sector-specific private credit] strategies is very encouraging.”

November 1, 2021

Founder & CEO Jess Larsen spoke with Private Debt Investor on the increasing investor appetite for niche and innovative private credit strategies. “Larsen identifies four strategies that are growing as LPs look for routes that complement the larger funds in their portfolios: real asset credit; specialty finance; structured credit; and a new breed of corporate credit, with a very narrow sector focus or in areas where there are high barriers to entry and larger funds cannot participate with smaller tickets. Larsen says: ‘We are certainly seeing a broader offering of more niche and sector-specific strategies, and we are seeing institutional demand for them, which is very encouraging.’” Please click below to read the full article.

New entrants prepare to tap a growing investor base
Private Debt Investor | Claire Coe Smith
November 1, 2021

As the private debt asset class emerges from a global covid lockdown that hit emerging managers hard, investor appetite for new entrants is high and innovative GPs can look forward to accessing a growing range of institutional backers.

Jess Larsen, CEO and founder of specialist placement agent Briarcliffe Credit Partners, says: “We are now in a situation where private debt accounts for $1 trillion in assets, there are more than 2,000 GPs active, and about 650 private credit funds in the market raising funds right now. That’s a historically large number, almost double what it was last year, so how do you establish yourself as a new manager in that environment?”

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