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Who We Are

Briarcliffe Credit Partners is a placement agent dedicated exclusively to private credit. Our team has long-standing track records of raising capital for leading private credit strategies with the right institutional investors around the globe.

What we bring to our managers:

  • Deep expertise in private credit
  • A team of experts with significant track records of success
  • Real relationships with the private credit institutional investors
  • Methodical and proprietary approach to fundraising
  • A structure designed to align with our clients
  • Authenticity and passion for our asset class

Letter from CEO and Founder Jess Larsen

We fundraise exclusively for private credit strategies

As private credit has evolved into a mature asset class, we feel that there is an increasing need for fundraising experts that specialize in private credit. Today there are over 1,800 credit managers globally involved in the private credit market operating with over $800 billion in assets under management across corporate and structured credit, real assets and specialty finance. Over the next three years, third-party assessments indicate that the private credit market may exceed $1.5 trillion as the industry continues to innovate and investors continue to seek new opportunities with the goal of generating sustainable returns.

Given this significant growth and the complexity of credit strategies, Briarcliffe recognizes the need for fundraisers with deep expertise to identify quality managers and attract the interest of some of the world’s leading investors.

  • Generally 6-8 mandates of review across the 24 core subsectors of private credit
  • Target fund size: $300mm – $2bn
  • Typically, Fund II or higher
  • Target of >10% net IRR
  • Top-quartile performance

The Five P’s of Fundraising is the Key to Success

Together we will manage the 5P’s of Fundraising to make sure your fundraise is a great success:

1. Positioning:

With increasing number of credit strategies in the market today, we believe it is critical to distinguish your strategy among your peers and deliver a unique value proposition to investors.

2. Prospects:

We believe outreach to limited partners must be highly targeted and requires a partner who can analyze your current investor composition and strategically target the private credit institutional investors that are right for your strategy.

3. Pitching:

The content, structure and delivery of your pitch and marketing collateral should be cohesive, crisp and tailored to your audience for maximum impact.

4. Process:

We seek to make the fundraising process highly efficient and effective, which we believe can be achieved through our unique Actively Managed Fundraising Process that works to leverages Momentum Accelerators and sales analytics.

5. People:

We believe you need a team with a specialized skill set:

  • Deep product expertise
  • Relationships with the institutional private credit investors
  • A compensation structure aligned with your success
  • A real passion for our industry

Our Team

Our experienced and passionate private credit team is growing. If you are interested in joining us, please click here to apply.

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