Briarcliffe Field Guide to Private Credit

May 15, 2023

Briarcliffe Field Guide to Private Credit

We are pleased to introduce the Briarcliffe Field Guide to Private Creditâ„¢, your companion for the journey through the panorama of this broad and growing asset class. It provides descriptions and key characteristics of each of the 26 sub strategies that comprise our Four Pillars of Private Creditâ„¢. The insights within the guide are informed by our deep private credit expertise coupled with the regular conversations we hold with some of the most active and astute investors, managers, and consultants in the industry. Click below to read the full Guide.

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There are several metrics through which to examine each strategy, which includes target returns, risks, downside protection, etc. At the highest level, we identify one of three investment attributes each strategy contributes within a portfolio, including those that 1) provide income, 2) are designed for total return, or 3) act as a portfolio diversifier. Below, each of these is described in more detail and the strategies that meet each attribute are listed. The analysis for Venture Debt is shown below. Click above to read the full Guide.

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