BCP hires Moll as fundraising managing director

September 8, 2021

Recently, Moll was a plan sponsor at Exxon and an investment consultant at Hewitt

Briarcliffe Credit Partners has named Jonathan Moll as managing director of fundraising. Recently, Moll was a plan sponsor at Exxon and an investment consultant at Hewitt

NEW YORKSeptember 8, 2021 – Briarcliffe Credit Partners (“BCP”), a placement agency fully dedicated to private credit, today announced that Jonathan Moll will join the firm as Managing Director of Fundraising to augment and accelerate the firm’s growth in the private credit space.

Mr. Moll brings over two decades of investment experience to the firm, including nearly 15 years focused in private credit. He has held senior positions in fundraising and product management at leading investment firms including PIMCO, KKR, White Oak Global Advisors, Vector Capital, and Morgan Creek Capital Management. Mr. Moll also held previous positions as a Plan Sponsor at Exxon, and as an Investment Consultant at Hewitt.

“I am excited to join a team of seasoned professionals as we continue building off the firm’s momentum since its launch at the beginning of this year,” said Mr. Moll. “The influx of capital in private credit continues to attract new investors and more advanced strategies in the space, and BCP has proven itself a strong and strategic fundraising partner.”

Mr. Moll is joined by Bogdan Vilicich, Vice President of Fundraising, who brings eight years of experience in institutional asset management, alternatives, and sales and trading at firms including ACT Commodities and AIG Investments. Brett Murray also joins as Vice President of Fundraising with over six years of alternative investments experience, holding previous positions at Prospect Capital Management and Oppenheimer & Co. Alex Sarver joins as Vice President of General Partner Advisory, after formerly serving as Vice President at Marathon Asset Management and a product specialist at HPS Investment Partners.

“I am thrilled to welcome industry professionals with deep-sector expertise to our growing team,” said Jess Larsen, CEO of Briarcliffe Credit Partners. “These additions will not only enable us to deepen our relationships in the industry, but will also help us to meet growing investor appetite for private credit. In an increasingly competitive fundraising market, we remain committed to connecting some of the strongest managers in the space to limited partners seeking access to top-tier funds.”

BCP was launched in February of 2021 seeking to capitalize on the increased complexity and growth of the private credit market. Since the firm’s launch, BCP has added eight team members across fundraising, operations, and project management, and anticipates the growth to continue well into 2022. Today, BCP already has active fundraising mandates with best-in-class managers as well as a robust pipeline of additional ones to be launched.

About Briarcliffe Credit Partners

Briarcliffe Credit Partners is a private credit placement agent. Headquartered in New York, the BCP seeks to capitalize on the increasing complexity and growth of the private credit market. The firm will provide fundraising services to private credit investment firms focusing on niche strategies outside direct lending, with fund sizes up to $1.5 billion and potentially higher.

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